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Whitehaven Beach, Australia

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Another image from my trip around Australia - this one's from my time in the Whitsunday Islands. We put ashore on Whitehaven Beach around 8AM and the sand was untouched, washed smooth by the tides. The girl is a friend of mine I met there named Miriam. It's the first Australia shot I've added that features a person - as I was shooting a lot of Velvia it didn't really lend itself to skin tones (and I was travelling on my own) I tried to avoid it. Miriam's got a Mediterranean complexion, though, so I could photograph her without too many problems. My focus was capturing the landscape, with the figure providing some foreground interest, a sense of scale, and a kind of sense of possibility and freedom - an anonymous figure with an expanse ahead of her.

Canon EOS 500.

20th August, 2005.

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