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Tegan and Sara


Last week I had the opportunity to take a photo of Tegan and Sara. Due to a PR mix-up I didn't get much time to set up or shoot (I shot for 53 seconds), and this photo was the best I managed. Strobist info: Clamshell lighting, both lights roughly equal in power. If I'd had time to change things, here's what I'd have done: Move my subjects and lights away from the background, causing it to go dark. Switch to a longer lens for more flattering perspective and to keep my background roughly the same size. Drop the bottom light down a stop, maybe two, to make the light more interesting. Throw a red- or orange-gelled light on the backdrop. Stop down my aperture a little more to help keep focus sharp on both faces.

Canon EOS 350D DIGITAL, 35.0 mm, f/5.6, 1/60s, ISO 400.

16th November, 2009.

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