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  4. Tea and Cricket III

Tea and Cricket III


I am very excited about the upcoming Duckworth Lewis Method album. Teatunes announced a competition to win a pre-release copy along with some tea-related goodies. The brief was "Create some art involving cricket and tea. Go nuts." This is what I made. This was the most demanding picture I've ever taken, but the shoot itself was straightforward. There was a lot of preparation involved; a test shoot to figure out if it was possible to get the picture I visualised, another to scout for suitable backdrops, finding a cricketer, finding an assistant, finding the cups, and borrowing a flash with high-speed sync from a friend. Once we got to the final shoot everything was sorted and we were done within an hour. It was a little surreal; he would hit the cup and it would shatter with a wet "Tink!" sound. There would be silence for a couple of seconds, followed by a gentle sparkly sound as a thin layer of tea mist settled on everything. A huge thank you to everyone who helped out.

Canon EOS 350D DIGITAL, 50.0 mm, f/2.2, 1/4000s, ISO 800.

22nd June, 2009.

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