Photography by Alex Pounds

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  5. Nerfbusters



When the NERF shotgun and machine gun joined the pistols already in the office, I knew I wanted to create an image that looked like a film poster. We went out into the car park to take this, along with 3 colleagues who held the lights. Strobist info: Three lights, not including the sun. I underexposed the ambient light by about 1.5 stops, and had two lights at camera left and right, slightly behind the subjects, with gobos on the sides facing the camera and the backdrop (to create a strip of light on the edges of the subjects). My main light had a ¼ CTO gel on it to warm it up a little; it was held by a colleague on a light stand above them all. I'd meant to use an umbrella on it but left it upstairs, so we just went with a bare head. It had the same gobos as the other two, to avoid spilling light on the backdrop and avoiding lens flare.

Canon EOS 350D DIGITAL, 24.0 mm, f/6.3, 1/200s, ISO 200.

3rd March, 2010.

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