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MC Frontalot

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MC Frontalot recently did his first UK tour, supporting Wheatus. He was nice enough to meet me one evening and let me take some photos. Originally I'd wanted to do something involving old video games consoles, but I found I was imagining heroic poses more and more. So that's what we did: climbed onto the office roof and ran through 3 or 4 different setups. Strobist info: Three lights. One key light through a translucent umbrella at camera left, just out of shot pointing at Front's face. Two other lights were at camera left and camera right, about 45° behind the subject, with gobos to control the spill.

Canon EOS 350D DIGITAL, 28.0 mm, f/9, 1/160s, ISO 100.

25th June, 2010.

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MC Frontalot