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Jonty rescued a projector-clock from a skip and brought it back to the office. It took me a while, but eventually it percolated through that I could use it as a neat background. The "Now ←→ The Future" label on the wall left over from our roadmap was just gravy. (I think this photo's the spiritual cousin of this one.) Strobist info: I killed the overheard lights, projected the clock, and got that exposure where I wanted it. (I had to use a tripod, as it was quite long). I was using a kind of adapted butterfly lighting for this; main light above and to camera left, with a fill light below and to left. Looking back, I'd have liked a little separation light on the right from the rear.

Canon EOS 350D DIGITAL, 38.0 mm, f/5, 1/6s, ISO 400.

8th January, 2010.

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