Photography by Alex Pounds

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Lamppost Lions Gate Bridge Stanley Park Vancouver skyline Alley Umbrella RBC Royal Bank Howe Sound Dome Bricks Michael TD Plaza Ese Beams Photographers Canadian War Museum Due Process Evening Shadows Tree Humber Bay Bridge Plus Crossing Yonge Waiting James Housewares, groceries, meats, dairy products, & frozen foods downstairs. Spoons The Time of your Life Hey, u up? Wet Streets KISS cats Robot Shutters Bear Headscarf Cloister Canal Houses Arrow Prisms Skaters Suikerwerkfabriek Petrovitch Kilden Performing Arts Centre Tiny island Aaron Sun Life Centre Mike Oh Canada Waiting Bold Cyclist Staircase Dundas Street Supermarket Bold Cyclist Bare Trees And Snow Crossing Slush Climbing Aaron's Jacket Back alley moped Gantries