Photography by Alex Pounds

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Phones Crossing Unconventional Brake Your Butts Pigeons The Gang's All Here Crossing Cakes and Pastry Blinds Halifax rain Rocky coast Rocks and Spray The Art Gallery Peggy's Cove Lighthouse Peggy's Cove Lighthouse Public Piano Shadows Outside the Aquarium Walking Elevated Pigeon, on arch Gora's House of Antiques Bronze maple leaf Château Laurier The fishy drain covers of Ottawa Glass, Steel, and Sunlight Air Canada Centre Missing Robot Eat More Queso Stripes Vespa tail light Vent Toronto Skyline Waterfront Condos Toronto City Hall Ashley Bikers La Abuela D' Toronto Skyline Book Scaffold Arrowhead Building Wall, with vent and pipe Galata Bridge Chestnuts United Kingdom Shoreditch Magistrate's Court Bloor & Devonshire Broadway Market Police vans Drummer Welcome to Pig City United Kingdom Ankle Cuffed Collared